Advertising Everywhere (redux)

Posted: April 27, 2021 in Advertising, Blogosphere, Idle Nonsense, Media, Tacky
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While working, I half listen to a variety of podcasts via YouTube, usually minimizing the window so that I don’t see the video. Some report that long-haul truckers are also avid podcast listeners (presumably discarding AM radio); who knows? At any rate, I find it dispiriting that nearly every podcast has attracted sponsors and now features unavoidable, in-your-face advertising on top of ubiquitous exhortations to like, subscribe, ring the bell, and buy merch. Ads are sometimes read live, no longer being prerecorded bits during regular commercial breaks. Segues into ad reads are often tortured, with tastelessness being an inverted badge of honor somehow.

I get that for those who have made podcasting their primary incomes, opining on anything and everything ad nauseum (sorta like me, actually), sponsorship is what keeps them stocked with peanut butter. Why do I still tune in? Well, some are actually entertaining, while others are exceptional clearinghouses for information I wouldn’t otherwise gather — at least when not pedantic and irritating. Good thing I’m only half listening. Case in point: a few weeks back, the DarkHorse Podcast (no link) announced it would begin doing ads, but to make the bitter pill easier to swallow, free endorsements (unpaid ads) would also be presented. Right … more of what I don’t want. In characteristic fashion, the two hosts beat that damn horse well into the afterlife, softening none of the irksome content (at least for me). Although legacy media (e.g., radio, TV, magazines, newsprint) has always required forfeiting some part of one’s time and attention to ignoring or filtering out ads, streaming services and online blockers have done away with much of the unwanted marketing. Perhaps that’s why I’m exasperated at it now being unavoidable again.

With this in mind, here’s my promise to you, dear reader: I will never monetize this blog or put it behind a paywall. I won’t even put up a tip jar or coffee mug to entice micropayments. The blog will also never connect to Facebook or Twitter or any other platform. This blog is totally free and unencumbered (except the ads WordPress puts in, which are relatively easy to dismiss and/or circumvent). Maybe I’m fortunate that I earn my living elsewhere and disavow any desire to be a pundit, influencer, or media figure. Those folks are uniformly unenviable, especially when distorted by their own celebrity so that they forget who they are. Instead, this blog will remain what it’s always been: a venue for me to work out my ideas and secondarily share them.

  1. cafebedouin says:

    I put up a tip jar for two reasons. One, I was genuinely interested how the mechanics work. Two, once up, it struck me as kind of hilarious to invite people to give me $0.50. But, I can understand being against it on principle. I’m willing to put principles aside if I find it amusing enough. Maybe, I should increase my tip jar to $100,000? Is that funnier?

    • Brutus says:

      I can appreciate your mixture of curiosity and ambivalence. I’m more disapproving of others being on the make constantly. Oddly, increasing the minimum tip, like all “premium” services, may attract attention. Hundo grand would definitely be funny, though I suspect it would be an entirely private joke.

    • Brutus says:

      These options might be available with an upgraded blog havng its own domain name, but on my free WordPress blog, such options are not available. I’m disinclined to upgrade.

  2. leavergirll says:

    I just realized this about a week ago that the vid I was watching segued into “sleight of hand” a commercial while I sat there dumfounded…. not understanding at first what was happening. But it was not just one… So now I refuse to watch anyone who abuses me this way.

    Anyone know what every so often, WP censors my access to this or that website? The internet is getting massively annoying.

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