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This is going to be long — much longer than the 3 to 4 paragraphs to which I normally limit myself. It’s also only the second time I reblog or quote someone at length to respond here than in the original venue (first time was here). In this case, I do so with permission from the source, Robert Hayes, whose blogging profile at Creative Destruction provides an ample self-description of his focus. I also do this honor to Mr. Hayes (as I’m given to calling him) as he was primarily responsible for inviting me onto our now-dead group blog, which required that I have this solo blog to get access. I continue to write The Spiral Staircase even though Creative Destruction has been abandoned, though even without updates the latter still gets more hits than here. So let’s get started. I apologize in advance for the wild mixture of metaphors. My responses are mostly interlinear, and I withhold all nitpicking about spelling and grammar. I have removed mention of several names that don’t belong here.

When civility was the rule of the day, and caricatures of POTUS as a shit-flinging chimpanzee had a textured nuance that bespoke a higher sentiment …

And we’re off to the races! Mr. Hayes is always entertaining. He fires lots of shots over the bow like this, which is his being a provocateur. Part of the reason I read his offerings is that he is such an accomplished writer, something quite apart from the value of the content or our ideological differences. Simply put, I admire his use of language, over the top as it is.