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I already updated my original post from 2009 once based on Tom Engelhardt’s analysis, adding a few of my own thoughts. I want to revisit the original, provide an addendum to my review of Oliver Stone’s Untold History, and draw attention to Andrew Bacevich’s alternative narrative titled “American Imperium.” This is about geopolitics and military […]

I have always remembered a striking line from the movie The Dancer Upstairs where the police investigator, who is tracking the leader of Shining Path in Peru in the 1980s, says (paraphrasing from Spanish), “I think there is a revolution going on.” Elsewhere on the globe today, Arab Spring has morphed from a series of […]

Crystallizing the Moment

Posted: February 2, 2009 in Culture, Politics

Former President George W. Bush (what a pleasure to be able that say that) has both taken and been given a lot of credit for keeping us safe in the post-9/11 years of his administration. It’s a spurious claim, considering there is no way to verify what didn’t happen owing to precautionary actions, many of […]

Fantasies and delusions rush into the space that reason has vacated in fear of its life. —James Howard Kunstler Since I first warned that this blog post was forthcoming, conditions of modern American life we might have hoped would be resolved by now remain intransigently with us. Most are scrambling to adjust to the new […]