Offered Without Comment 08

Posted: February 13, 2021 in Culture, Education, Idle Nonsense, Politics
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From an article in the Sept. 2020 issue (I’m lagging in my reading) of Harper’s Magazine by Laurent Dubreuil titled “Nonconforming“:

American academia is a hotbed of proliferating identities supported and largely shaped by the higher ranks of administrators, faculty, student groups, alumni, and trustees. Not all identities are equal in dignity, history, or weight. Race, gender, and sexual orientation were the three main dimensions of what in the 1970s began to be called identity politics. These traits continue to be key today. But affirmed identities are mushrooming.

… identity politics as now practiced does not put an end to racism, sexism, or other sorts of exclusion or exploitation. Ready-made identities imprison us in stereotyped narratives of trauma. In short, identity determinism has become an additional layer of oppression, one that fails to address the problems it clumsily articulates.

  1. cafebedouin says:

    And yet, the vast majority want nothing more than ready-made identity. Strikes me if you are going to have it, you might as well be spoiled for choice.

  2. cafebedouin says:

    Yeah, the Jam Study has been around so long even the inevitable counter-studies are getting old.

  3. Greg Knepp says:

    Diversity provides the essential inventory from which Natural Selection makes its choices. This seemingly haphazard process, in turn, is the driver of all that is biological. Culturally, diversity – no matter the form or fashion – has been the hallmark of virtually all disintegrating societies. NS then selects the scattered debris from which it then forms revised social configurations based on newly altered conditions…Rinse and repeat. Gravity, Entropy and Darwin: these are the Trinity – the Gods that create and destroy all that there is.

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