Wealth Inequality in America

Posted: March 7, 2013 in Economics, Idle Nonsense

Something to chew on while I finish formulating my next post:

Infographics are getting more and more clever at revealing the true proportion and character of the world. This one is pretty good at showing that proportions aren’t just skewed a little bit — either in our imaginations or in reality — but are in actuality skewed quite a lot.

Update: I saw this video, which dramatizes stats given in my previous post found here. The numbers even match up, though I still don’t know their source. The website for the video can be found here.

Elsewhere, I heard the millions, billions, and trillions derisively referred to as simply illions, meaning that the thousandfold change of magnitude as one progresses up the sequence (and on to quadrillions, quintillions, etc.) simply lacks meaning. Our minds can’t really think in numbers that large. This is shown in another infographic found here., which is further illustrated in this video:

The soundtrack and facials expressions in these videos cheat a little (according to me), adding unnecessary emotion to something that ought to be pretty obvious without such pandering.


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