Awarded Answers 03

Posted: December 4, 2011 in Advertising, Blogosphere, Education, Writing

Awarded answers at WebAnswers trickle in slowly, in part because I don’t bomb the site with answers and in part because many questions go unawarded for long periods of time. My previous sets of awarded answers can be seen here and here.

  • Can you tell the time without looking at your watch? link
  • Are you for or against the right to bear arms? And if you have a gun have you ever had to use it? link
  • Why do people buy gold? link
  • Which bank has decided not to charge that offensive debit card fee? link
  • Why does mainstream music seem to digress? link
  • What makes fireworks create light? link
  • Is silver going to be worth more than gold? link
  • What are the principles of Post Modernism? link
  • Do you remember when there was no internet? link
  • Does man have more animal instincts than the power of reason? link

I’m probably making a nuisance of myself, since I often take to task those posing questions for their assumptions embedded in the question. (The usual example of begging the question is the cliché of the attorney asking the witness on the stand, “When did you stop beating your wife?”) For example, I answered a question about when the soul enters the body by denying the existence of a soul. I don’t expect my answer will be at all satisfactory to someone who self-identifies as a Christian, with the doctrinal belief that the soul exists (somewhere, somehow) separate from the body. Could my answer ever in my wildest dreams be the best answer judged by that same person?

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