Awarded Answers 01

Posted: August 15, 2011 in Advertising, Blogosphere, Education, Writing

I’ve been on for about two months now and have been awarded 22 best answers out of some 175 questions to which I have replied. Inexplicably, 5 have since gone missing. To generate some inbound links and demonstrate the sorts of questions I address, they are listed below (unnumbered, most recent first) with the link to each answer at the end. I’ve added a few missing words or letters to correct for poor English or questions that were cut off because of the two-part display structure.

  • Have you ever rented a houseboat, and did you like it? link
  • Are you nicer in your [real life or online?] link
  • The Associated Press contacted several Book Publishers who said Casey Anthony is too tainted for a book deal. [What do you think?] link
  • What is the difference, if any, between information, knowledge and wisdom? link
  • Where do we go after we die? link
  • Can a member please explain what the social security trust fund is and explain if it really exists or is it a con perpetrated by FDR to fool the sheople? link
  • What is the best browser to use on a Mac? link
  •  Is [the] mac op[e]rating system is better [than] the xp sp3 in use? link
  • The Beginning of Time[: how can time begin?] link
  • New unemployment figures for the month of June shows it remains at 9.2%. Only 18,000 jobs were added in June. [Your thoughts?] link
  • Why do some people never feel full even though they have eaten to the point of gluttony? link
  • What are mirror neurons[?] link
  •  Why [are people so] rude? link
  • What is your favorite work of Arvo Pärt, the Estonian composer? link
  • How do I get a patent? link
  • Why can parrots talk? We’re talking physiological here. Please explain. link
  • It has been argued that some college students fail to achieve what Piaget called “formal operations.” Given what you know about Piaget’s Stages of Development, is it possible for a college student to have not achieved formal operations? Why or why [not?] link

My answer rate falls well below the 10-20 per day recommended by regulars at the site, so my status is low and my library of questions and answers is still limited. As you can see, the subjects range all over the map. I have some minor frustration that many of my other answers are also pretty good but the award went to someone else (or no one). Poke around and have a look.

  1. Jennie says:

    I looked around. The answers are clear and easy to follow, but with a depth of understanding. Some people only get surface understanding while your answers had more depth to them.

  2. I would always go by your word, Brutus, but you know that. The questions you answered are interesting, and as you say, very wide spread. I agree with Jennie above. Your answers will always have a depth others don’t. Sometimes, I think, people want a funny answer. You’re good at those, too, as I recall.

  3. MG says:

    hay nice blog! i’m not a spambot! lol

    • Brutus says:

      I’m the skeptical sort, so stating that you’re not a spambot makes me think immediately that you are. But I’ll let it pass, since you haven’t piled on a bunch of links to sites selling penis enlargement pills.

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