Traffic Report No. 06

Posted: June 2, 2011 in Blogosphere, Industrial Collapse

I’ve been blogging for a little over five years, which is a long time by blogging standards. The obvious exceptions are the big blogs with multiple writers, lots of traffic, and financial support. I’ve no intention yet to hang it up, unlike my cohorts over at Creative Destruction. This entry is my 250th post, which in five years probably isn’t a lot. But then, I lavish attention on my entries. This blog has attracted 411 comments thus far, including my own, and about 40,000 hits or views. The daily hits have edged up a bit and normally run between 20 and 50, though it’s not uncommon to spike above 60 for reasons I can’t anticipate or fathom. How many of those hits are spambots is unclear, but with 250 entries, the search engines have picked up phrases I use and direct traffic my way. The top posts haven’t changed, which are about refuse, skyscrapers, and darkened skies.

I activated controls for feedback and various networking sites a while back, but other than collecting a few “likes” and a few votes, no one has used the networking controls (at least as far as I can tell). Of course, I don’t tweet and don’t have a Facebook account, so it was just an experiment to see what would happen, which predictably enough was nothing. I tried one poll and got not even a single vote.

I’ve used the same WordPress theme since the start, but I decided it’s time to change it. I’m tired of looking at the same color scheme. So I chose a theme called Greyzed, which has one feature I really like: the number of comments appears at the top right of each post in a call-out bubble. I also like that the published date is right below the title of each entry rather than below the text. I wanted something with inverted text color (not black on white but white on gray or something darker) to avoid too much light glaring from the screen. None of the WordPress themes have quite the right combination of color scheme, layout, and customization without paying for features, so I compromised in the interest of something different.

I’ve mentioned a few times in various posts that although I’m a doomer, I can’t blog all the time about the awfulness I expect to come. It’s too much like staring into the sun. I continue to mention the collapse of industrial civilization a lot and even have some lengthy diatribes. In fact, most of what I have to say are complaints about things that appear egregiously wrong to me. So the tag line “Are you climbing or descending?” and the original choice of the spiral staircase as a metaphor for improvement in the form of cyclical ascent or decay in the form of descent has been overtaken by forbidding expectations for human history.

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