Victimizing the Victims

Posted: March 21, 2011 in Culture, Economics, Legal Matters, Politics

Two news pieces of legislation (here and abroad) are aimed at further victimizing those already the victims of financial distress. The first, from merry old England, would remove substantial funding from social services for the homeless and actually make it a crime to give out food for free. The second, from wacko Minnesota, would make it a crime for anyone on public assistance to have more than $20 in his or her pockets. Yet another U.S. federal bill would require IRS audits to determine how abortions were paid for, ostensibly to ensure no government funds were used.

The pettiness of such legislation is so flabbergasting I hardly know what to say. Legislators appear to be under the delusion that people sleeping in cardboard boxes and women seeking abortions are merely making lifestyle choices, who, if given proper motivation, would choose differently as encouraged by lawmakers. It should be obvious to anyone with a tiny sliver of sense that these new laws, if enacted, guarantee that people will be driven to commit crimes, whether stealing food or risking back-alley abortions.

Who votes for these office holders? Who could possibly support criminalizing charity, Christian or otherwise? When will the situation become so egregious that the people rebel?

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