Traffic Report No. 05

Posted: October 7, 2010 in Blogosphere, Blogroll

Consistent with my last report, my blogging pace has stayed fairly sporadic, though I continue to comment elsewhere quite a bit. I don’t have enough time in the day or week to give most of my ideas the attention they deserve, so blogging gets deferred. However, my comments at other blogs has driven some traffic my way, and several older posts continue to draw attention. The daily average has climbed from 20 something to 30 something most days, with dips over the weekends and the odd spike when some topic of mine hits. WordPress added ratings and like buttons since I last reported on traffic, but few readers have availed themselves of those features. I’d like to get more comments, to which I would respond if I have something further to say on a topic, but few make any comments. For shorter, less analytical blog posts, I have resumed putting those up at Creative Destruction, which is abandoned by the other bloggers who used to post there.

I add to my blog roll only sparingly, and my latest addition is The Compulsive Explainer, where I have been reading and commenting for some time. The blogger there, Hal Smith, clearly has much more time than I do to consider things, and I like his perspective. These two recent posts (one and two) are good examples. My commenting has dropped off there out of frustration that Mr. Smith rarely responds. I’m more interested in dialogue than broadcasting, so I tend to withhold commentary at blogs where the blogger either doesn’t reply or is inundated with hundreds of me, too comments. Nonetheless, he’s worth a read.

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