Born Plugged In

Posted: May 4, 2010 in Consciousness, Culture, Education, Idle Nonsense, Media, Tacky, Technophilia

Only a few new products make a strong enough impression on me to make me want to feature them with my approval or disapprobation. Perhaps you can guess which side of the divide this product falls on:

Although the Young Explorer is offered for sale (at an unnecessarily hefty price) to childcare facilities, its breathless sales pitch is really meant to strike fear in the hearts in foolish parents anxious that their child will fall behind at the start of life:

In this age of technology we think it is essential that children learn about computers as early as possible. This technology can enhance critical and cognitive thinking skills, problem-solving abilities and analytical thinking. Having child-appropriate computers and software in your facility shows parents that you understand the important role technology plays in providing an enriched learning environment for their child’s growth. It’s a hallmark way to set you apart from other childcare facilities.

The claim that computer technologies enhance “cognitive thinking skills” [sic] or anything else is specious at best. What it actually does it make children unwitting thralls to technology, not that most people recognize it since they, too, are only too willing to be slavering technophiles.

I caution my friends and acquaintances often about oversaturation with media, especially the electronic sort. I could go nuclear on this particular product, but I think instead I’ll just step away from my computer and this blog before I break something.


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