Desert Island

Posted: December 19, 2009 in Culture, Debate, Idle Nonsense, Taste

In the course of riding around en route to some endeavor with a friend — someone whose judgment, intelligence, and sensibilities I trust implicitly — we indulged in some idle banter during which he asked what my desert island drink would be. Everyone is familiar with this sort of question. What is your favorite color? Who is the one person in history you would most like to talk to? Who is your favorite rock band or composer? What is your favorite food? What are your desert island book and movie? The added limitation of the desert island focuses the answerer on the choice he or she can live with until the end. The whole genre isn’t so far removed from the top ten list or the best of year and best of decade lists that should start appearing any day now. Best of all time lists have the built-in weakness that one can’t glimpse the future and know if something better won’t come along.

I don’t normally feel obliged to have answers for these questions, as they (questions and answers) seem to me rather arbitrary — the stuff of long summer holidays from school in the early teens spent lying on one’s back, staring at clouds, and filling time with meaningless, nonbinding contemplation. The answers can’t be wrong, really, but often lead to lighthearted justifications and some feigned disbelief in another’s answers. My friend was taken aback that I didn’t have answers at the ready and that the questions didn’t especially interest me. Perhaps that’s because I’m often accused of snobbery with respect to my tastes. (Do colors plot on a snob scale?)

We didn’t get far into these questions as I got side-tracked with the nature of the questions themselves. My friend chose Coke as his desert island drink; I chose orange juice. We agreed on Richard Strauss as a desert island composer with hardly any justification necessary. Of course, in hindsight, I’m wondering if I made the right choices and can I live with them?

  1. Jennie says:

    Ha Ha…it’s not like you HAVE to live with them as you aren’t on a desert island. Make the choice and move along. :)

  2. jan says:

    strauss and orange juice? rather bucholic till the end

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