Traffic Report No. 03

Posted: July 30, 2009 in Blogosphere

It’s been a while since I reported on traffic flow at The Spiral Staircase. I know the results will be a shocker: nothing has changed. I’m safe in my obscurity, which is perfectly fine with me. There is some ebb and flow in how often I blog, but the hits hover between 12 and 30 per day, which I suspect represent the background noise floor. No matter. The blog still functions primarily as a venue for me to work out some ideas, not as a vehicle to burnish my vanity. The topics driving hits to my blog have changed from pimped-out SUVs to skyscrapers, the night sky, and The Boneyard. I also get a few clickthroughs now and then from a top ten list of well-written blogs.

I thought I might come clean and mention two blogs from which I gather ideas but for my own unstated reasons don’t list on the blogroll: Ran Prieur and How to Save the World. Both blogs provide quite a lot of thought-provoking content. Both writers also write a lot in the first person, which doesn’t seem to me to be about vanity so much as about personalizing the perspective and reporting on the writers’ own activities. (My intent on this blog has been to avoid the seductive trap of first person perspective, which has been difficult and perhaps at times unnecessary.) Both writers are also pretty well convinced of the imminent collapse of civilization, which is the conclusion I’ve come to, though I don’t want that as the sole focus of this blog.

  1. motorola says:

    What do you mean by a “clickthrough”?

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