Updates to Blogroll 01

Posted: February 27, 2009 in Blogosphere, Blogroll

My blogroll is kept quite short intentionally. Whereas many bloggers exchange links in hopes of driving traffic, my only purpose is linking to blogs I find interesting and well written to add my modest endorsement. The bookmarks in my browser are considerably more numerous than the sites on my blogroll, and it takes time to get acquainted with a blog before the decision to add to my blogroll is made. Additionally, the three blogs listed below are all pretty popular and will neither succeed for fail with the miniscule bit of traffic I send their way (or don’t). With that in mind, I announce three changes to my blogroll (one deletion, two additions):

Bitch Ph.D. is being dropped (note conspicuous lack of linkage). The site banner is great and hasn’t changed. It used to be a solo blog of the slice-of-life variety. Somewhere along the line, it has become a feminist group blog. In the process, those things that interested me the most have gotten buried beneath a deluge of feminist critique, much of which is far too doctrinaire for me to endorse. I made several comments on a recent thread, and the responses were unnecessarily antagonistic and just plain dumb. If feminist bloggers refuse to treat others in their comments section (who may at times be detractors) with minimal respect and only want to preach to the choir, they can certainly get along without my participation and link.

I Blame the Patriarchy is being added. I’ve linked there before in a couple of my blog entries, and the quality of the writing and the insights are definitely worth a read. I haven’t yet commented there, partly out of fear that I’d get my ass handed to me. Twisty Faster is one smart, acerbic blogger, whom I find quite entertaining. Dropping one feminist blog and adding another isn’t a specific strategy of mine to maintain balance. It just happened that way.

Pharyngula is being added. I can’t keep up with the day-to-day volume at this blog, nor do I ever read the comments. PZ Myers appears to enjoy his notoriety quite a bit, and his dual focus on taking down creationists and religious believers (with some biology lessons thrown into the mix) is interesting, though I can’t get personally worked up about others’ illusions quite so much as he apparently does. His writing is less lyrical, perhaps, than at I Blame the Patriarchy, but his linear reasoning is an excellent model to emulate. Pharyngula is also a good way of keeping abreast of some of the more obnoxious culture wars, usually played out in the fields of science and religion.

  1. Johne799 says:

    I like this post, enjoyed this one thank you for putting up. No man is wise enough by himself. by Titus Maccius Plautus.

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