Is Not … Is Too!

Posted: February 8, 2009 in Advertising, Culture, Debate, Idle Nonsense, Religion

Across the pond, an odd controversy has sprung up on bus advertising between atheists and the faithful (read: Christians). Bus companies and advertisers must be laughing themselves all the way to the bank over this one. For debate over the existence of god (lower case g) or some other amorphous higher power to be taking place on billboards must surely be emblematic of utter and complete decadence because it’s tantamount to the sort of arguments children have: is not … is too! No one in their right mind would be persuaded or dissuaded by such idle nonsense. Moreover, I wouldn’t call it a debate, since the campaign and counter-campaign appear to be as meaningful meaningless as Coke and Pepsi fighting for market share by getting their respective brand images in front of more eyeballs.

Atheism has undoubtedly come out of the closet in the past decade, which is perhaps what emboldened those in the UK to launch a billboard campaign. I find it amusing that some folks track the best atheists skeptics and offer their own “awards.” My one or two regular readers already know that I find this particular debate (faith/disbelief) especially pointless — so much so that I can’t even work up the energy to condemn either side. Maybe I should begin awarding a Spiral Staircase Prize for the most meaningless waste of effort and money that contributes exactly nothing to the world but a few opportunities for journalists to meet their muckraking quotas.

  1. A bit off-topic here, but last week I noticed a new ad campaign on the subway cars. Join a Franciscan monastery; make your life meaningful. In tough financial times, joining a monastery offers more security than the military. (The ad refrained from stating this explicitly.) Further, you don’t need to be in your twenties, although you still need to be a man and not a woman, including those in masquerade.

  2. Larraine says:

    Although when pressed about my religious convictions, I give one of two answers: “I’m with Marx – or was it Lenin – well, whoever it was that said ‘Religion is the opiate of the people.” or “I’m a Druid,” in reality I really don’t care. What annoys me more than anything else is ANY ideologue who wants force his/her ideas down my throat via lawmaking. That’s the problem I have with a lot of “Christians.” A lot of them seem to want to start their own little theocracy. That just rubs me the wrong way.

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