Around the World

Posted: October 8, 2008 in Idle Nonsense

From the idle curiosity department, this video (sorry, embedding didn’t work) shows some fearless guy doing a complete loop on a specially constructed swing. Almost every kid in existence who has ever swung on a swing has thought about doing an around-the-world loop. Of course, with typical rope or chain connections, it’s impossible. From a mechanical standpoint, I wonder if the considerable height of the swing in the video is necessary to generate the momentum to go all the way around. The guy also has to have his feet secured to the platform with something like ski boots so that he doesn’t simply fall off once his arc reaches a certain pitch. I also wonder how many test runs were made before shooting the video. There’s no apparent hesitation or nervousness.

  1. That looked like fun, Brutus. The only ride at Scandinavian Disney World? Hurray Scandinavia then. I liked best the hang time when he hovered almost straight up.
    The key reason I liked it, though, is the same reason I’ll never do it. Unlike bungee jumping, the swing clearly requires skill and strength, and not sheer mindless recklessness.

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