Twisted Buildings

Posted: February 16, 2008 in Idealism, Science, Skyscrapers

One of my first posts on Creative Destruction (my nearly dead group blog) featured comments on a twisting skyscraper design, the Fordham Spire (then the Chicago Spire, now in 2012 just a hole in the ground). That post still draws some hits. Well, it seems that the new self-proclaimed skyscraper capital of the world has copied the twisting building idea (the first is actually a building called Turning Torso in Malmo, Sweden) and intends to erect the Infinity Tower:



(For the politically correct feminist folks, erect is the proper word, since these buildings represent phallic, patriarchal triumphalism in the extreme.) Perhaps it’s such an attractive design that it bears repetition, one per city, let’s say. Whether post-industrial economics can continue to thrust multiple supertall buildings skyward remains to be seen, but for a short while at least, it seems that the undeniable appeal of multibillion-dollar projects with futuristic design aspects will continue to cast aside more humble aspirations.

  1. pretzel says:

    that is one twisted thing, man! thanks for explaining the word erect. since when has an erect thing not been designed by a man: skyscrapers, phallic water towers (google ypsilanti, michigan water tower, see wiki wiki article if there is one ‘cuz wiki wiki articles know best), lipsticks, etc. etc.

  2. Brutus, imagine the Spiral Staircase inside!

  3. wilder hall says:

    or a double helix!

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