Thinking Blogger Award

Posted: July 19, 2007 in Blogosphere

I was tagged recently by a blogger friend (as in “tag, you’re it”) with the so-called Thinking Blog meme. The source of this meme is here. I presume that if you’re reading this blog regularly and aren’t merely surfing by then you know what a meme is, so I won’t bore you with theory. Here’s the image associated with the Thinking Blog meme:

thinking blog

Not to be a spoilsport, but there’s a fundamental flaw with the meme, which is basically that its purpose is to proliferate. Since the originator asked everyone who got tagged to tag five more in turn, the proliferation progresses to the point where nearly everyone with any network of connectivity gets tagged at some point. The launch was February 11, 2007, and I’m already too late to the party for this nod to hold much charm for me (notwithstanding the tiny little blog backwater I occupy).

So I’ve linked back to the source and to the level just before me, but I won’t send the meme out again by tagging anyone else. Simply look at my blogroll to see whom I authorize.

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