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Posted: July 5, 2007 in Blogroll

The Spiral Staircase has a radically short blogroll by blogging standards. Several reasons inform that fact. Political and pop culture blogs are too many and too ubiquitous to enhance the focus of this blog. Even more significantly, many bloggers simply don’t write well enough for me to endorse (a significant consideration of mine). So if a blog is listed at The Spiral Staircase, it must be a worthwhile supplement for those who read what I have to say about the culture. Also, I’m completely disinterested in link swapping as a means of driving hits, so the sites to which I link typically don’t link back to me.

With all that in mind, I added a new blog to the blogroll: Chronically Pissed, which has the provocative tagline “a debilitatingly angry, atheistic liberal vents his rage in totally fucking inappropriate ways.” The author apparently has periods of high activity and low activity, which should be no surprise if the posts track current events. What I’ve read has resonated with me, though his posts are considerably different than the way I would put things. One has to be especially impressed with someone willing to be so upfront about the truth of things.

If I were to allow myself the full range and emotional freight of the anger expressed at Chronically Pissed, I’m sure I’d tip over the ragged edge. However, experiencing vicariously the onslaught of those diatribes is strangely liberating, especially considering the despair any thinking person inevitably feels over the apparent apathy of the wider public toward things so obviously and wildly askew on so many fronts. The next 18 months or promise to offer plenty more fodder for being chronically and acutely pissed. I’ll be curious (and no doubt angered) to see what develops.

  1. presentpeace says:

    I find that, at 3am, I’m almost tipping over the ragged edge myself after having read that guy’s piece. I’m fully in favor of a tax for healthcare, per his suggestion. It’s absolutely reasonable.

    The only thing I hate about being shown a damned good solution for a truly unnecessary problem is that, at 3am there’s nothing I can do about it but remain pissed and awake, working out the details of the new, more humane system of care.

    When I began reading his piece, I had a killer headache. Sadly enough, it has now intensified.

  2. greywhitie says:

    If I spent my whole life being pissed off at everything I read, I, too, would have a huge headache. My headache is big enough as it is. Therefore, I will go on living as if nothing was wrong with the world. Much rosier outlook on life, if you ask me.

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