New High (Low?) in SUV Wars

Posted: October 18, 2006 in Tacky, Taste

Since you just can’t have too much bling, some Germans pimped a Hummer GT with 30-inch wheels, a Gulf-branded painted job, and gull-wing doors to get that extra bit of attention (since the Hummer is so inconspicuous to begin with).

So for those of you who tire of the jewel-encrusted cell phones and undergarments, place your orders now for the best (worst) SUV yet. They’re selling like hotcakes.

  1. UHHHHHH….. Another waste money when are these blind ppl going to realize that this is a big waste of money! I mean it doesn’t even look nice. It looks like a peice of shit t omee. Not offending anyone ok.. the ppl who bought that could have just put it in breast cancer or something like that.. Some people these days have to realize that they have to think before that they do something…

    BIG WASTE OF MONEY AND BAD FOR ENVIORMENT!! srry about my spelling and some grammar mistakes i hope u get my point!

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