Simplified Spelling

Posted: July 14, 2006 in Culture, Education

If anyone has been paying attention to me at all, then I don’t even need to provide an opinion about this in the Boston Globe:

When “say,” “they” and “weigh” rhyme, but “bomb,” “comb” and “tomb” don’t, wuudn’t it maek mor sens to spel wurdz the wae thae sound?

Those in favor of simplified spelling say children would learn faster and illiteracy rates would drop. Opponents say a new system would make spelling even more confusing.

Eether wae, the consept has yet to capcher th publix imajinaeshun.

Must … keep … opinion … to … self … heroic … effort … involved.

  1. I really don’t see how that kind of spelling qualifies as “simplified.” It sure as heck doesn’t make reading any easier, either. Somehow, I don’t think we’ll be changing anytime soon!

  2. grasshopper says:

    If it gets that bad, I am going to make myself fluent in Spanish even if it means shutting up for a few years! For me, heroic effort indeed. The best way would be if I could go live in Latin or South America for a while. And why not? No way will I participate in US English if it deteriorates that much. Somewhere, I developed the idea that Spanish is a language I could learn and even speak without undue ridicule.

  3. Liz Waldner says:

    “wuudn’t it maek mor sens to spel wurdz the wae thae sound”

    ..that’s funny! Kinda looks like the lyrics to the latest Rap Song. Cheers!

  4. Karen M says:

    My first visit here, and even I must admire your restraint. Of course, it really grates on me when I receive emails with your instead of you’re, etc.

    Thank god I don’t see much of the rest that you mention.

    Small point… not all of those words sound the same (or not!) everywhere, anyway. Last time I noticed, we have a lot of regional dialecs, and variations in pronunciation.

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