Idle Assessment of Nonsense

Posted: March 29, 2006 in Tacky

Indulging in idle assessments of nonsense, I thought this might provoke some chatter:

This is the sort of thing that strikes me as something deeply wrong with America. I’ve spoken out in the past in other fora against SUVs, the Hummer, the UniMog, etc. They’ve all been converted into limos at some point. But this is just so far beyond the pale I can hardly believe it. The excessively ostentatious display makes this idea appealing only to the tackiest folks with way too much money and no sense of value. That the company went to the expense to build it is just as bad, I suppose. Reminds me of the joke (it was a JOKE — get it?) on Home Improvement when Tim Allen would say “more power” as though one could never have too much. I think some folks missed the joke.

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